Trail Cameras

Two years ago I bought a trail camera from  I had saved up a few bucks and wanted to try one out after looking at a lot of trial camera photos on various web chat room threads.  I used the simple help guide on the website to narrow down my selection and eventually decided on the Bushnell Trophy Cam with a lock box to fit.  I have set it up at a half dozen sites or so over the past two years and have found it to be pretty cool.  I would like to buy another and wish I had time to put more effort into scouting.For two seasons in  a row I hung it out in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon at the end of the general bow season in September and left it untill mid November just before the opener of the general late season, or the blacktail rut.  Both times I got limited pictures with the big push of deer (bucks) showing up in November right before or during the season.  At 3700 feet elevation I was snowed out from that location by November 20th the last two seasons.  Where in years past only a few inches of snow fell at that elevation during the late bow season.

Retrieving the card and viewing the pictures during the season can be both frustrating rewarding in the same breath.  This year I was pumped to hunt my stand site at 3700 feet on the opener, and the pics in my last post show the deep snow that made it down right stupid to drive in there.  Big rains came the next week and I was able to get into that site no problem to retrieve the camera.  Most of the snow was gone by then and the little that remained was crusty and hard.  The sign I found on my way in was old, but still after the big snow dump so I figured I would have a few pics of game.  The last I time I checked the camera was on Veteran’s Day November 14th, one week before the opener.  I knew it was going to rain and snow before the season so I felt comfortable my scent would be washed away and game would be moving.

On the first check there was only one picture of a doe since the middle of September.  Interesting?!.  I changed the card and left the camera out there with the intention of being back before sunlight on the opener.  As I said before I was snowed out and hunted elsewhere.  When I finally got in there a week later I had a bunch of pictures.

On the 16th of November before the bow season opener I got a picture of my first hunter, a middle-aged muzzleloader hunter who snuck through and spotted my mineral lick, but not my camera.  I got three pics of this guy.

muzzleloader hunter checking out my mineral lick

muzzleloader hunter checking out my mineral lick


Before the season I got a bunch of blacktail does at night moving through.  These deer really seem to be nocturnal.  It was weird how they began moving (even if it was at night) in mid November.  Where were they before?  I guess the general firearms seasons had them holed up. 

Blacktail does at night in the snow

One day after the big snow dump the elk were on the move and a herd of cows stopped bye to munch on some lichens a mere foot or less from my camera.  These pictures prove how silent the camera is and that game has no idea it is even there. 

Close up of a a cow elk